Sports Conditioning


For 20 years Prescriptions for Fitness has been helping kids in our community reach their fitness goals; whether it be to excel at various sports, build self-esteem, improve health, build muscle or improve their agility & endurance.

Our goal is to create a personalized foundation that will be based on the importance around knowledge of the body & nutrition.  This knowledge will allow your child to take away tools to use on a daily basis that will assist with injury prevention as well as an increase in overall health.  At Prescriptions for Fitness we do an initial evaluation on your child.  This will allow us to uncover their strengths, weaknesses, & muscular imbalances.  We then are able to devise a corrective exercise strategy to help them become the athlete they aspire to be coupled with living a healthy lifestyle.  Being part of a team is a wonderful thing, however, it is impossible for coaches to be able to give personal attention to every child on every level.

In conjunction with the proper fitness regime and knowledge ability of health & nutrition your child will not only excel at their desired level but will also take these tools with them to home, to school, to college.

Golf and Tennis Strength Training

"Being part of a team is a wonderful thing!"